Diederick Calkoen UTMB finish 2017

Diederick Calkoen (1994) is founder and owner of Dr-i. During my high school in Amsterdam, I became interested in technology and everything that revolved around mobile telephony. What initially started as a hobby has now become my profession. It happens to the best of us; accidentally dropping your Iphone in the toilet or the device ending up in the washing machine. You burst out in anger, but the damage has already been done. When I managed to repair my own Iphone, friends and family noticed my skill and asked me to help them with their broken devices. Self-taught using the internet, I learned more about repairing and maintenance of mobile devices. The repair shop is in the city centre of Amsterdam, for more than five years, I am fully proficient in Apple technology. Most components are in stock and Dr-i delivers the service “fix while you wait”.